Life Insurance

Is an indispensable and fundamental part of every sound financial plan. No other financial product can do what life insurance can do for you.

Term Life

Term Life insurance is like leasing a car. When you lease, you own nothing at the end of the term, but you had a car to drive. Likewise when you buy term life insurance, it runs at a fixed premium for the term of time you have chosen. It’s an inexpensive way to get protection at the outset however with each succeeding term the costs increase at a faster rate. These types of policies do not help accumulate any wealth but should the policy holder die during the term, their family is guaranteed to receive the amount equal to the coverage they bought – regardless of how much you paid into it.

Whole Life

Whole life Insurance is like buying a car. When you own, the expenses are higher initially, but it all belongs to you. When you buy Whole Life insurance, you are investing in permanent insurance that offers protection at a set premium for life. The insurance company manages your policy, and builds up the death benefit and cash value in a tax-advantaged setting.

Universal Life

Universal Life insurance is similar to Whole Life, but it provides more flexibility by allowing the policy owner to shift money between the insurance and savings components of the policy. Premiums, which are variable, are broken down by the insurance company into insurance and savings, allowing the policy owner to make adjustments based on their own discretion.